North Fork Watershed Sign and Storm Drain Stenciling

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The Jefferson Conservation District was awarded an environmental education grant through the Department of Environmental Protection.  This grant provided funding for the creation of the North Fork Watershed Sign.  The sign has been installed at the Dr. Walter Dick Park in Brookville to educate the public about the North Fork Watershed which is the source of Brookville's water supply.  It raises awareness about the importance of the watershed and water quality.  The sign has been placed along the path where it will educate the public for many years to come. 
The sign was designed by Grace Pesselato, Watershed Specialist.  The District would like to thank the North Fork Watershed Association, Brookville Borough Council and Brookville Municipal Authority for their assistance in the creation and installation of the sign.  Also, a special thanks to Judy Schwab for her beautiful photo which is featured on our sign.
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Learning about water pollution with the Enviroscape and Storm Drain Stencils.

July 12, 2017 - Dedication of the North Fork Watershed Sign

North Fork
Watershed Sign
As another part of this grant, the District was able to hold two watershed camps in the County.  On August 25, 2016, students attending the Summer Camp at the YMCA in Brookville were taught about water pollution from Grace Pesselato, JCCD's Watershed Specialist.  Using the Enviroscape, students learned how water pollution can get into our streams from every day activities in their neighborhoods. 
They learned that many of the storm drains in Brookville and surrounding towns lead directly to a stream.  They now understandwhy it is important not to dump pollutants into those storm drains. 
Students were able to go outside and place storm drain markers on sixteen storm drains along Main Street.  These markers will make the public aware that pollutants dumped in the storm drains may potentially pollute our streams.  This was a great way for these young people to have a positive impact on our environment.
Click here to see a news article about the sign dedication.
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