North Fork Watershed Association

North Fork Watershed is located in Northern Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.  The North Fork Creek joins Sandy Lick at Brookville to form the Redbank Creek.  The area that drains to these streams is called the North Fork Watershed.  This watershed is a part of a much larger area known as the Allegheny River Basin.  The North Fork Watershed covers approximately 98.75 square miles with 713 miles of stream and 32.52 square miles being State Game Lands. 

In January of 2000, a group of concerned citizens with a common goal joined together to protect this watershed thus forming the North Fork Watershed Association.  The members strive to protect this water supply in addition to raising watershed awareness and addressing the problems that are presently deteriorating the health of the watershed.  The ability to sustain suitable populations of aquatic organisms is a definite concern of the group.

Macro-invertebrate sampling is done twice a year by volunteers to identify the aquatic life present.  Electro-fishing is done occasionally to monitor fish populations.  These studies are used to help assess health of the stream.

The Jefferson Conservation District assists the watershed association with mapping, collecting water samples and other technical support. 

More info about North Fork Watershed Association can be found on their website.


Andy Turner of Clarion University and students, Grace Pesselato, JCCD, and Don Crytzer, NFWA, assisted with the electro-fishing.
Grace measured this fish before it was released back into the stream.
In June of 2017, Jon Niles - Professor at Susquehanna University and students, Grace Pesselato - JCCD, and Don Crytzer - NFWA participated in electrofishing to look for native brook trout.
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A quiet spot in North Fork Watershed.
On July 19, 2016, NFWA members did a macro-invertebrate study.
Tim Ross, Jr. and Don Crytzer work to identify macro-invertebrates.
John Brundege, Tim Ross, Sr. and Tim
Ross, Jr. assisted with macro sampling.
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In 2016, Grace Pesselato, JCCD, assisted Andy Turner of Clarion University and students, with the electro-fishing in the North Fork Watershed.
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