Reynoldsville Envirothon

The Jefferson Conservation District holds an Envirothon at the Reynoldsville C.G. Johnson Elementary School each Spring.  This year's Envirothon was held on Thursday, May 18, 2017.  Melissa Buck, JCCD, plans this event for the 4th & 5th grade classes each year.  This competition is similiar in format to the High School Envirothon but students compete as classrooms within their school. 

Another difference is presenters teach the students for approximately 25 minutes and then test them to see what they have learned.  This year's presentations and presenters were:

Deer Ticks - Megan Whitlatch, Jefferson Conservation District

Water Pollution - Grace Pesselato, Jefferson Conservation District

Bears - Andrew Troutman, PA Game Commission 

Forestry - John Brundege, DCNR - Bureau of Forestry

Waste Management - Donna Cooper, Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority

After all the tests were scored, an awards ceremony was held to announce the top two classrooms. 


Mrs. Bailey's 5th Grade Class scored the highest and captured first place.
The students in Mrs. Reigel's 5th Grade Class won second place.
Students in Mr. Barron's 4th Grade Class were excited to learn about the environent.
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Grace Pesselato demonstrated ways pollutants get into our water.
Megan Whitlatch taught students about the dangers of deer ticks.
Students await the announcement of the winners.
John Brundege taught the students about Pennsylvania's Forests.
Tri-County High School Envirothon
Students enjoyed Andrew Troutman's presentation about Black Bear.
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Missy Buck, JCCD, scored the tests and calculated who would be the top class!
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Students in Mrs. Buchanan's 4th Grade Class will try again next year.
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