Tri-County High School Envirothon

The Tri-County Envirothon was held on Tuesday, May 2, 2017.  This year’s event was held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Brookville and was sponsored by the Clarion County Conservation District (CCCD), Forest County Conservation District (FCCD) and Jefferson County Conservation District (JCCD) .


This year, we had high schools from three different counties participating in our Envirothon.


The schools at this year's Envirothon included:

       Clarion County:  Clarion-Limestone, Keystone and Redbank High Schools  

       Forest County:  West Forest High School and Abraxas

       Jefferson:  Brockway, Brookville and Punxsutawney High Schools


 Presenters at this year’s event were:

      Forestry Station - Dave Cole, DCNR-Bureau of Forestry

      Aquatics Station - Grace Pesselato, JCCD

      Wildlife Station - Jonathan Smith, Roger Hartless and Jesse Bish, all from the PA Game Commission

      Soils Station - Suzanne Klinger, NRCS and Megan Whitlatch, JCCD

      Agriculture Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship - Trudy Alexander, CCCD


Melissa Buck, JCCD, plans this event each year for students in grade 9-12.  Shaun Wessell, JCCD, and Donna Zofcin, FCCD, also assisted at the event.  Students use study materials provided by the Pennsylvania Envirothon to prepare for the event as well as the "PA Envirothon" App.  Students can download the app to their smart phones or tablets.  This enabled them to study for the Envirothon on the go!


The day of the event, tests were completed and scored at each of the 5 stations listed above.  At the Forestry station, they identified and measured different kinds of trees and shrubs and answered various questions relating to our forests.  The soils station required the students to use a Soil Survey, a soil profile and the ability to identify different kinds of soil.  The students were quizzed in the Aquatics station on their knowledge of fish and aquatic life.  The Wildlife Station tested the students on identifying wildlife and bird calls.  Agriculture Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship was the special station for this year’s Envirothon.  This station tested the student’s knowledge how agricultural and urban areas, including sewage treatment systems and even air pollution can contaminate Pennsylvania's streams.


Click here to see the results of the Tri-County Envirothon


The highest scoring team in the Aquatics Station for each county received a subscription to Angler & Boater Magazine.  Clarion-Limestone Team A was the top team for Clarion County, West Forest Team A was the top team for Forest County and Brockway Team A was the top for Jefferson County.


In the Wildlife Station, the highest scoring team for each county received patches from the PA Game Commission.  Keystone Team A was the top team for Clarion County, West Forest Team A was the top team for Forest County and Brockway Team A was the top team for Jefferson County.


Top overall team in Forestry was West Forest Team A.  Top overall team in Soils was Punxsutawney Team C.  Top overall team in Agriculture Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship was Keystone Team A.


The overall winner of this year’s Envirothon was Clarion-Limestone – Team A with a score of 373.   Each team member received gold medallions as well as the traveling trophy.  The team included:  Ian McNaughton, Timothy Say, Allen Pangallo, Jacob Daugherty, Grace Snyder.


West Forest - Team A was second place with a score of 365.  They received Silver medallions.  Team members include: Bryant Niederriter, Chris Pederson, Steve Barnet, Kristina Wagner and Andrew Schwab.


Brockway - Team A was third place with a score of 346.  They received Bronze medallions.  Members include:  Tylyn Fink, Tony Newcome, Cecilia Manno, Dallas Cable and Damien Nichols.


The top team in each county was eligible to attend the Pennsylvania Envirothon on May 23 & 24 at University of Pittsburgh Johnstown. The top team from Clarion County was Team-A from Clarion-Limestone High School.  The top team from Forest County was Team-A fromWest Forest High School The top team from Jefferson County was Team-A from Brockway High School.


                  Click here to see the results of the PA Envirothon competition.



First Place - Clarion-Limestone Team A
Ian McNaughton, Timothy Say, Allen Pangallo, Jacob Daugherty and Grace Snyder
Second Place - West Forest Team A
Bryant Niederriter, Chris Pederson, Steve Barnett, Kristina Wagner and Andrew Schwab
Students identified bird calls
at the Wildlife Station.
Third place - Brockway Team A
Tylyn Fink, Tony Newcome, Cecilia Manno, Dallas Cable and Damian Nichols
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