Brockway Sixth Grade Conservation Day

Every year Clear Creek State Park is invaded with sixth grade students from Brockway Elementary School.  This annual event is planned by Roger Hartless of the PA Game Commission and the sixth grade teachers at the school.  This year's event was held on May 15, 2017.  Over 100 students, rotated between stations within the park. 

Megan Whitlatch, Jefferson Conservation District, taught the students about Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease.  She emphasized how important it is to make sure they check their clothing and bodies for ticks after being in wooded areas and fields.

Grace Pessalato, JCCD, and Kim Bonfardine, ECCD, showed students how to identify macro-invertebrates and why they are important to a stream. 

Donna Cooper, Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority, presented information about recycling and waste management. 

Roger Hartless, PA Game Commission, and Tony and Susy Stefani taught firearm safety and hunting safety.  Jesse Bish, PA Game Commission spoke on how to manage your land to increase wildlife habitat. 

John Brundege, DCNR Forester, taught students about tree and plant identification.  Suzann Rensel showed students many different antlers and animal tracks.

Donna Cooper taught students the importance of recycling.
John Brundege, DCNR, taught students how to identify plants and trees.
Megan Whitlatch taught students how to protect themselves from ticks and lyme disease.
Students caught macroinvertebrates in the stream and learned how to identify them.
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Students identified macroinvertebrates that they caught in the stream.
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