Grazing Field Day

A Grazing Field Day was held at the Annabelle Grazing Farm in Mayport on Friday, July 8, 2016.  Forty-nine participants gathered under rainy skies to learn important knowledge that will benefit their farms.  This field day demonstrated the benefits of using sound grazing management practices.  Discussions were held on animal health and increased yields and profit. 

Gary Yeaney, Contract Grazier and Owner of Annabelle Grazing Farm, grazes 100 head of 600-lb feeders from May 1 - November 1 on 63 acres of farmland.  His cattle gain an average of 1-1.25 lbs with his intensive rotational grazing system.  The cattle are moved once a day to a different paddock.

Gary Gilmore, Woodland Program Specialist - DCNR, Bureau of Forestry, demonstrated to participants how to make charcoal from wood and discussed his extensive research on the production and applications of biochar.

Tim Elder, NRCS Northwest PA Grazing Specialist, showed participants important information about soil health.    

Financial and other support for this project is provided by the PA Association of Conservation District, Inc. through a grant from the PA Department of Environmental Protection under Section 319 of the Clean Water, administered by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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Megan Whitlatch, Melissa Buck and Allen Campbell welcomed participants to the field day.
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Megan Whitlatch, JCCD-Nutrient Management Specialist, explained the meaning of Non-Point Source Pollution.
Jared Shippey answered questions about programs offered by NRCS and how they may be beneficial for farmers.
Suzanne Klinger, NRCS, and Gary Yeaney, helped with the soil erosion demonstration.
Tim Elder explained why the health of your soil is important.
Participants got a close-up look at the feeder cows.
Gary Gilmore was happy to participate.
Gary Yeaney explains the benefits of rotational grazing.
Gary Gilmore showed attendees how to make charcoal.
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