Environmental Education

The Conservation District's environmental educational activities target farmers, municipal officials, homeowners, teachers and students along with many other audiences.  Activities range from participating in large community events, hosting many school programs, professional workshops and technical training sessions, or going out in the field to provide one-on-one assistance.



Our Envirothons, which target elementary and high school students, are an annual event.  Envirothons help students cultivate an awareness of the total environment and acquire a sensitivity towards its limited natural resources.  Conservation District's across the state hold a High School Envirothon each year.  The winning team from each county can also participate in the Pennsylvania Envirothon.  Students prepare for the Envirothon at their respective schools.  Topics are Forestry, Aquatics, Soils, Wildlife and a special station that changes each year.  For 2018, the Special Station will be "Benefits of Grassland and Pastureland Management".  Study materials for this year's High School Envirothon can be found on the Pennsylvania Envirothon's web page or download the new PA Envirothon App on your phone. 

School Programs



The Conservation District holds various informational workshops for the farming community.  A CREP Workshop was recently held.  This workshop explained the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program and other programs.  Past workshops have helped farmers decide if they need a Manure Management Plan.  Every farm in Pennsylvania that land applies on-farm or imported manure, regardless of size, is required to have and implement a written Manure Management Plan.  Attendees were able to get assistance in completing their workbook as well as ask questions about other programs available.


Farmer Workshops



Melissa Buck, JCCD, scores tests at the Reynoldsville Envirothon.
The Pond and Lake Workshop at Reynlow Park was well attended.
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Other Workshops



The Conservation District also holds workshops to help educate the public on various topics.  The District joined efforts with Penn State Extension to hold two workshops.  A Home Water and Septic Workshop was held in June and a Pond and Lake Workshop was held on July 30.  Both workshops allowed attendees to ask questions following informational presentations. 

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Our Elementary Envirothon is similiar in format to the High School Envirothon but students compete as classrooms within their school.  The difference is presenters teach the students for approximately 25 minutes and then test them to see what they have learned.  Some of the presentations made by conservation district staff and volunteers from other agencies have included Watersheds, Agriculture, Forestry, Soil, Recycling and Wildlife.

District employees also do presentations at other Field Days in the County such as Safety Days, Cloe Lake Day and Brockway Field Day.

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