Chapter 105

Any work in or near “Waters of the Commonwealth” (stream, lake or wetland) is regulated by the State of Pennsylvania under Chapter 105 of DEP’s Rules and Regulations.  The Jefferson County Conservation District (JCCD), under delegation of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, administers the Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Program.  The Conservation District performs technical plan reviews of Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control (E&S) plans, conducts earth disturbance inspections and provides education on soil and water conservation practices for residential and commercial construction.

  The District’s first goal is to help the public through the permitting process and help them accomplish their goals without causing unnecessary negative impacts on the stream.

The Conservation District also assists DEP by investigating complaints about unauthorized stream work.  Our goal is to assist the landowner in bringing the site into compliance.  Often this can be accomplished without major disruptions to the plans or unnecessary delays.  When necessary, we refer the problem to the DEP Regional Office for further action.

In addition to the State’s permitting requirement, there is also a Federal permit, administered by the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), which is often required before working in streams and wetlands.  To simplify the process for the applicant, one application submission is used for both permits. In many cases, the approval letter authorizing the project will include both the State and Federal approvals.  In a case where that is not possible, the need for the second approval will be clearly stated in the approval letter with a warning that the project cannot be started before the second approval is obtained.

A temporary bridge should have been used for this logging activity.

This utility crossing has been properly stabilized.

General Permit forms have been recently updated.  Please be sure to review the revised instructions on the forms found in the left-hand column.

Chapter 105 Permit Forms
GP-1 - Fish Habitat Enhancement
GP-2 - Small Docks and Boat Launching
GP-3 - Bank Rehabilitation, Bank
          Protection and Gravel Bar Removal
GP-4 - Intake and Outfall Structures
GP-5 - Utility Line Stream Crossings
E & S Control
Design Aids
GP-6 - Agricultural Crossings and Ramps
GP-7 - Minor Road Crossings
GP-8 - Temporary Road Crossings
GP-9 - Agricultural Activities
GP-10 - Abandoned Mine Reclamation
If you have any questions, contact the District at 814-849-7463.

The streambank shown has been properly stabilized.

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