Erosion and Sedimentation Control


The protection of our streams and rivers to assure for the continued long term use by and for the benefit of the public, is one of the responsibilities of a Conservation District.  A major source of pollutants to these water resources is the sediment created as a result from manís activities.  This can be from agricultural practices, construction activities and normal weather related events.  Accelerated soil erosion occurs when the natural soil cover is removed and the bare soil is exposed to rain and water flow. 
Rules and regulations, Pennsylvania Code, Title 25, Chapter 102, have been developed to minimize the impacts from earthmoving activities while allowing for continued development and use of the land.  These regulations, commonly referred to as erosion and sediment pollution control (E&S) regulations, are developed and implemented by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

The Jefferson County Conservation District, through a signed delegation agreement with DEP, acts as a local contact to assist in the administration of these regulations.  The activities conducted by the Conservation District include the review and approval of E&S control plans for earthmoving sites, inspections of sites with active earthmoving to assure the plans are properly implemented, and responding to complaints about erosion accelerated by human activities.

Silt Fence is installed to keep sediment from washing into our waterways.

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